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This website has been created by the brothers Meadows: Jeff and Roger. We are the great-great-great-great-grandsons of Thomas William Meadows who was born in 1720. For us the starting point in tracking the history of the Meadows is the notebook of his great grandson, Edwin Lewis Meadows. This was added to later by our father, Edwin Henry Meadows.

Our site centres on the six generations from Thomas William to Edwin Henry, represented by the tabs above. When we have interesting information or photos relating to other branches of the family we’ve included it.

Recently we have become aware that a cousin of ours, Alan Hart, has assembled a wealth of material relating to his branch of the family. Alan’s great-great-great-grandfather was Alfred John Meadows, Edwin Lewis’ brother. Visit Alan’s website:

Interest in this website from outside the Meadows family is likely to centre on William James Meadows, who was a popular actor in the early 19th century, or on the extra-ordinary string of successful landscape painters that began with James Meadows.

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