The Painters

Peg and Whisk in 1938
Peg and Whisk in 1938

Joan Audrey Meadows (Peg) is the youngest daughter of Frederick and Nell Powell. She was born in Kilburn on January 19th 1919. She had an elder sister Eileen Maud Rosa who passed away in early 2013. Their elder brother Frederick William Roy, who was a talented drummer, was killed in a motorcycle accident.

The family moved to Alton in 1930 and Peg married Edwin Henry Meadows (Whisk) at St Lawrence Church in Alton, Hants on March 25th 1940. They enjoyed nearly 40 years of happily married life running their electrical shop in Alton; raising a family, and, in later years, traveling to the USA and the Far East to visit their children and grandchildren. Whisk was killed in a train accident in Portugal in 1979. Since then Peg has continued to travel and to enjoy her growing family; she now has nine grandchildren.

The family at Le Mas - 2008
The family at Le Mas – 2008

playBack row: Keith | Tom | Jeff | Roger | Michael | Jon
Front row: Georgia with Jinny | Joe below | Lisa with little Jeff | Molly with Kiki | Tiffa with Phoebe below | Peg with Michael | Judi | Amy with Freddy and Rosy | Lucy with Red | Jack

Peg loves playing Scrabble on her iPad and even maintains a Facebook page!